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20090430 Dublin

Okay... one more pint of Guinness

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I was getting ready in a leisurely way when the room service starts knocking and bugging me even though I have the "Do not disturb" sign on the door.
It turns out they say I don't have the room reserved for tonight and I need to check out. What?!

There was some back and forth with the front desk, but for whatever reason, they only reserved me through Thursday - not Friday. And they are totally booked for tonight. Shenannigans!!

They have one room left at their sister hotel next door for tonight for $20 more (uh huh). so, I check out of Harcourt Hotel and into Harrington Hall. The rooms are not ready yet - maybe an hour more. But they have wireless internet in the lobby, so I sign on for a bit until the room is ready.

Dang, it's snazzy! Chandeliers, marble bath, elevator, 3rd floor view. Nice! Oh, a bath would be divine! [I'm not sure why - but it seems that all the taps in Dublin come on full force right away and splash you - except at this hotel. Hm.]


After getting settled in, I head in to town, and hop on the bus tour again. My ticket had just expired, but the bus driver was in good spirits and said "aw, c'mon then!". So, I did.
I was hoping to get to the Jameson distillery. Its not too far outside town, so I should be able to walk back. If not, I can get a city bus for cheap.
This time on the tour, I was able to write the names and details of the sites I took pictures of yesterday. I'll add the notes to the pictures after I return. It's going to take a while.

I would bet money that the tour bus operator is snockered. It's the first time I've taken a bus tour where they don't use the pre-recorded schpiel. He does the whole thing verbally and has the few of us aboard cracking up. He's giggling the whole time. Making lewd comments and telling Irish stereotype jokes. He gives us the low-down, and the real story... and sometimes a load of malarkey. It's great. [Guinness is HUGE here and he explains how much the Irish drink of it, then says they're not alcoholics - they are just doing what they can as individuals - trying to pay pack the Guinness family for all they've done to help the Dublin community. Heh.]

I jump off the bus at the stop for the Jameson distillery and give the driver a hearty thanks and tip. It's a few blocks walk, but I found it after some exploration (oddly - it's not obviously marked from the main street). I picked up some goodies from the gift shop for friends back home, and headed toward town.


On the way, I passed a hotel bar that has an Irish band and step-dancing later in the evening. One flat fee covers a multi-course meal, a drink, and all the live entertainment. I make a reservation for myself in an hour, then head up the street to look in the shops for post cards and gifts. I buy some trinkets and entertain myself reading the irish blessings on the magnets, then head back to the tavern.


The food was great, and the music was good as well. the dancers were phenomenal. I guess they are some of the Riverdance crew. It's really amazing to see up close! (I thought of you the whole time, Kara!)


I took a couple videos and pictures of the band, but my camera battery died before the Dancers came on - Doh!!! One of the band's singers was like an Irish Janis Joplin - man she had some gritty soulful pipes!


I also met some great guys at the tavern (Otto, Tom, and Gary). They are in town for the TT Rally (no wonder there were so many bikes around!). I also didn't get any pictures of them due to the dead camera, but we used Otto's camera to get a few. Hopefully they will send them along so I can post a couple. Good luck on the rally guys! Thanks for adopting me!

We stood around talking until the bar closed, then I just decided to catch a taxi. I had a great conversation about culture with Michael, the taxi driver from Nigeria. He offered to take me dancing at the best club in town. Nice offer, indeed. But I have to get some rest. I have a flight to catch. And I'm not missing it! (Not to mention that It might not be wise ;)

At the hotel, I set the clock alarm and arranged a wake-up call as well.
I got everything packed up and ready to go in the morning so I can just walk out the door.

Dang, there's no wireless on the 3rd floor. Oh well.

The bath tub looks so appealing. The tap looks like one of those old fancy telephones. But I decide sleep takes precedence. A quick rinse. Then, off to dreamland.


...If it wasn't for that club thumping across the street... Everyone is outside singing in unison. It's tempting to go down there - it sounds like they are having so much fun! But I opt for the ear plugs instead. Zzzz...

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