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20090503 Falset

Nuttery day 3

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I expected to feel pretty cruddy when I woke today - physically speaking. But I actually got some decent sleep and I'm feeling good. The local DJ (I asked his name, but didn't quite understand it through the noise - little help?) was on a again, providing the morning groove with some funky Fela Kuti mix. Talk about a great way to start out!


Vance and Jason are planning a nice meal, but it looks like a bomb went off around here. And, well. It sorta did, I guess. Criminy! What devastation!
Time to get to work. Mm, hmm.


Nick strategized and came up with the brilliant idea for drying the dishes on the table in the sun outside and having a rinse tub out there, too.

Jason did the hard part in my book - washing the glasses (I was grateful because I tend to break those ;). Then I stepped in, and washed pots and pans like there was a great prize waiting at the end... because there was - A tasty tasty meal! Dang straight! And Jim provided the transfer services and elbow grease on a couple pots that were particularly troublesome. Vance was a master with a broom, and lots of people pitched in picking up bottles, cans, etc. The house transformed before our eyes. (Go TEAM!)

And this was just one clean-up session out of many over the weekend. Every meal was a creation and cleanup, and everyone was so amazing about pitching in one way or another. And every night another tornado blew through requiring another cleanup. It was really impressive to see how collaborative, lovely and respectful people were. Really high-quality humans, I tell you! ;)

(Mom, If you're reading this - It's really me. I know you can't believe I did dishes willingly, but it's true! I swear!)


Americans turn to zombies if they haven't had caffeine all day. It's similar to the Gremlins rule, just slightly modified.

So, in the afternoon, I walked into town with Nick, Donna (from LA), and Jim to grab some coffee and explore a bit. We Ran into Johnny and Grant while were having our cappuccinos (yummy with brandy!).


We decided lunch was in order, so we all wandered into a restaurant where Johnny had been before (could vouch that it was decent). We proceeded to confound and annoy the server trying to understand the menu. All's well that ends well, and with semi-contented bellies we all parted ways.

I wanted to pick up a good bottle of wine to bring back to the states. Jim volunteered to take me to check out the wine festival. It was great that he had been there before and knew the way - or I would have gotten lost in those narrow winding streets. (Thanks, Jim!)


I was also able to get some pictures of the town that I missed on the quick trip yesterday:


I wasn't particularly excited about actually doing any wine tasting by the time we ascended the hill to the castle. My body was protesting the effects of the long weekend, and I was pretty hot and dehydrated. I also felt overwhelmed by all the options, and wasn't really sure what to look for. My pallet is not very sophisticated yet, so I figured it would be easier to ask Vance which Falset wines are best. He tried most of them already, and seems to know what he's doing. That way, I can just come back before leaving town, and buy a bottle at the shop.

One thing I was really interested in... getting some pictures of/from the castle where the wine tasting was held. There was such a beautiful view of Falset from up there! Maybe I can stitch a couple of those shots into a panorama later.


Back at Casa Pinson, folks were playing music, dancing, playing drums, throwing the Frisbee, lounging by the pool, hula-hooping, laying in the sun, and generally enjoying themselves. As usual ;).


Nik even read us a hilarious story from a book he's consuming. It's nowhere near as good as his poetry, mind you. I strongly recommend that you check out his book of poetry "Wormhole" at http://www.cyberwit.net/marvin.htm. Fabulous!

The evening meal was fantastic, of course! 1000x thank you to Vance and Jason and all who helped out!


Nik has been the master of the grill all weekend and can cook up some tasty flesh like nobody's business! Thanks for the nourishment, Nik!


Another night of camaraderie and reverie for all. Most of us are pretty worn out, so its *relatively* mellow.
The sunset is incredible.


Somehow Adam manages another fantastic fire.


But there's a special treat... he shows us some incredible effects with his green laser. It looked amazing in the trees, grass, clouds, and especially the fire smoke.


Some folks were still up dancing most of the night - go them! I wish I had that kind of energy :-p
I actually retired at a decent time and got some sleep. I think I'll likely be heading out to Barcelona tomorrow.

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