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20090427 Monday - London to Dublin

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I slept for about 2 hours and actually woke up in time for the hotel breakfast! Luckily there were some noisy Italians who decided to make a home movie outside the door to my room. Dancing and singing included.

This time i took pictures of the hotel breakfast that I missed earlier.


It's raining pretty good today, and I'm not looking forward to walking in it all the way to Victoria Station with my luggage. Oh well.

After eating, I showered, packed and headed downstairs to check out. I assumed it was about 10am and I was in a hurry to catch my 12pm flight at Standsted. Based on what I read on a web site yesterday, the airport would be about 15 minute drive, or 30 minute tube/shuttle.
The clock says it's 11:00 and the hotel clerk confirms this - and I can't believe it! Now, I'm going to have to take a taxi which will be expensive. He says I'd be lucky to make it by taxi in 30 minutes and it will cost about 80pounds. What?! I slap my forehead. What a maroon!

The taxi ride ended up being more like an hour. It was a beautiful drive, though. I was able to see some amazing old brick mansions.

I was 15 minutes late for my flight. The taxi cost more than I thought, and I had to buy another flight - which was more than I wanted to pay. But there's my idiot tax, right? Hopefully the last idiot tax on this trip. I need to get a travel clock or something. My internal clock is usually good about telling me when 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, has passed. But not here. It's all screwy.

The lady at the Ryanair ticket desk tells me that i can save money if i use the computer and printer at the hotel next door to check in online and add my bag online. The Radisson is prolific here, and they are very nice.


I wait for 30 minutes to use the computer, then it tells me I can't check in online less than 4 hours before the flight. Grr. I am able to add a bag, though. And i find a hotel and book it for a reduced price. That's a relief.


I go back to the airport and wait in line to check in and pay the extra fee.
When I go through security, they decide to search my bag and spend 10 minutes strewing its contents all over a table. Whatever they need to do is fine by me.

There is a good cafe so I get some lunch, eat, then fly out to Dublin. Finally!


In Dublin airport, I try to get cash from the ATM so I don't have to use a credit card at the money exchange to get Euros. No luck. The ATM is not wanting to take my card, so I'll have to pay the Visa tax (cringe).

The Dublin tourism desk is great. They tell me how to get to my hotel. I go outside and buy a bus pass and wait. It's cold and drizzly... of course. I get some through-dirty-glass photos on the bus and see some amazing old buildings. There are sea birds flying around and I find that comforting.


The bus goes through city center before my stop so I get to see down town. Its a really hopping place. Looks like there is tons to do and lots of cafes, food, shops, and night life. It's about a 2 block walk from the bus stop to my hotel. Dang, it's cold. I need to layer like crazy or pick up a jacket.

The hotel is much nicer than the one in London. I was really hoping for a hot bath, and maybe some tea and a book by a fireplace. but I'm thrilled to have a stall shower in my own bathroom at this point. The Harcourt Hotel in Dublin costs half what The Wellington in London cost me. Woo hoo!


I get settled in and decide sleep is priority after only 2 hours last night. The heater is cranked up and it's like a sauna in my room. I turn down the heat and open the windows in the room and bathroom to get a cross-breeze. Once I find a tolerable temperature, I put on my jammies, close the windows, and lay down. Aaaaah. So nice.

I wake around 2:45AM with my neighbors stomping down the hall and stumbling and laughing. Whatever they did, It must have been fun! I watch TV as they finish their evening with a bang (*ahem*). Then I resolve to catch up with the blog and pictures so I can just hit submit once I get the login for the hotel wireless (Yes! No more McDonald's pilgrimages!).

In the restaurant guide, it looks like there is a cafe one block over that might be good for breakfast "The Terrace cafe". I'm craving thick oatmeal and milk and honey... and wheat toast... and bacon... and wow, i must be hungry. I'll ask the hotel desk if they have any advice where to find something like that. :)


There is a coffee pot and tea in the room. So civilized.

It's still too early for anything to be open. I'll lay down for a couple more hours then go out for breakfast. It looks to be a beautiful day in Dublin.

over and out

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I think it's so cute how thrilled you are about your bathroom that you even took a picture of it (the normal bathroom). :) But I guess the comparison to the last hotel's bathroom is pretty drastic, eh? :)

by diverman

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