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FINALLY - a decent internet connection in Aix-en-Provence!

Time to overload you all with new entries!

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Sorry it's taken so long to post! I'm almost caught up. I guess it's safe to assume that the more pictures I add, and the less I say - the more fun I'm having. ;)
Or... the internet connections have proven elusive (dang Madrid!).

About the blog:

The entries are in rough-draft form. So, just get used to the spelling and grammar errors and shaddap. J/k - any corrections and help editing is appreciated ;)

I'm going back through hand-written notes and using my memory to stitch the blog entries together. Its highly possible the order is wrong, or I missed some important details. So, please feel free to comment, and I'll update the entry... Especially with dates, names and places!

I'm also going to continue adding and editing as I think of things, so an entry might change from day to day.

About the photos:

I'm most definitely not a photographer. Despite its bulk, my camera is nothing fancy. I take lots of pictures to use as keys to unlock my memories at a later date. They are not intended to be museum art. Lots of my pictures of famous sites are taken from a speeding kamikaze tour bus, or from a location where a good perspective is nigh impossible. So, they are intended to take you along for the ride if you are interested. Sure there's a gem every now and again. But that's much more luck than anything intentional ;). Hopefully after I get back stateside, i'll have time to pull out the gems and share those in their own gallery for those who can't spend hours looking at crooked or blurry photos of foreign lands. I just don't want to spend too much time cherry picking them while i'm on vacation ;).

[The reason my camera is bulky is because I like the Sony "night vision" feature and it's only available in the larger bodied models. I can get shots in darkness without a flash. This works great for still images due to the high resolution, but it has trouble capturing movement. So, the black-and-white movement photos will all be blurry. I don't mind - they are there for my memories, and may not be too useful for anyone else ;).]

Of course - If there is a picture you want removed - just say the word!

Back to it!

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